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Close Your Eyes and See Me

November 23, 2018

How many of us spend our days in plastic cheer?  That fake smile on our face and rude politeness.  I challenge you to really try to see yourself and the people around you. 


Before I can see anyone, I have to stop - take a deep, slow breath - and find myself.  It helps if I close my eyes so I don’t get distracted.  Can you do this now?  Set the timer on your phone and take five minutes, even two minutes just to be in yourself.


It’s as if the world slows down around you and you are aware of every rain drop and every snowflake falling around you.  Maybe it’s sunny and breezy when you take your moment.  Tune in to how the sun feels on your skin and the scents in the air. Use this time to zone out on your favorite song and sing as if no one is listening.  Be in the moment!


It brings your true self back into you, the vehicle of your body that you use to cruise around this wonderful planet.  Thank your body for all it does for you.  No matter if you have a sporty model, a classic or an old jalopy, it’s the vehicle you use in this life. 


You change the oil in your car and buy new tires.  At the very least, you put gas and oil into your car.  What do you do for the human body that you drive around every day?  At the very least, thank it for providing you a place to land and explore this planet from.


Being grateful is powerful magic.  I’m not talking about the stuff you’re supposed to be thankful for. This is not that kind of thankfulness. It’s not that judgmental.


The magic is in the gratitude that stems from joy.  When I pull up to a stop sign and look up at the mountains, it fills me with an overwhelming feeling of joy at the beauty of the mountains.  It happens when I look up and see the full moon rising in a star filled sky.  It can be the moment I touch something soft or strong or smell perfectly brewed coffee or chai tea.  These moments of gratitude are the magic.  They help you see the world in its beauty.


These moments of true seeing is the way to see the people around you. When that little kid in line at the store looks you in the eyes and smiles, they are truly seeing you.  Children don’t have all the filters developed to hide their shine from the world.  We are beings of light.  The trick is to allow the light to fill us and flow out of us.  We are composed of rivers of light.


Many of us just don’t feel it.  I spent decades of my life in depression.  It was my normal operating system.   Being suicidal was just a way of life for me.  I didn’t have any joy from life and didn’t know how to change that.


When you think about it, to be in the shadows means that there’s light somewhere. Depression is the consequence of low frequency energy.  You can raise your frequency levels to a brighter light by listening to music, going out into the sun, or taking a moment to just breathe. 


When I’m in overwhelm, sometimes all I can do is close my eyes and surround myself with light.  I just work my way through the rainbow, surrounding myself in a bubble of light. Breathing light into my body and out.  On the exhale, I try to release any gray light and fill my body with the spectrum of light from the rainbow.  It always helps me raise my frequency levels.  It’s feeding my cells with the energy of light.


When you close your eyes to see someone, you can see their light.  The empaths among us can feel their emotional bodies too. Empaths experience another’s joy or depression as if we were wearing their skin. It’s seeing a person on a whole other level.


So close your eyes and really see me.  You might surprise yourself by what you see.  You may see yourself in those around you.  We are really all made of the same stardust.  We are various shades of light, joy and magic.


Be blessed, My Friends!  Remember to breath and close your eyes.  We are perfect in every moment.





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Dr. Christiane Northrup  - Divine Love: The Most Powerful Healer



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