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When the Energy Girl gets Blue

September 8, 2018

So you survived the summer.  Mars retrograde kick my patootie! Then sweet Mercury goes retro too! By September 1st I felt like I was crawling through my days. So many changes this summer in so many unexpected ways. 


So you ask, how’s the joy thing working out for you?  Still feeling it?


Yes and no.  I literally have days when I wonder if I’ve lost my mind.  Why am I trying so hard and not making any progress? (Mars retro!)  But I keep trying.  Do I still feel that wonderful joy, that high frequency energy? Sometimes. However, this summer has been about work: cleaning, clearing and reorganizing.  Now, looking back, I appreciate that opportunity to do all that work.  With it, I wouldn’t have an awesome space to create in. When you clear your space, you allow new, fresh, high frequency energy into it. Yes, it’s work and yes, it’s worth it. 


I do believe I haven’t totally lost my mind.  I’m always learning, always growing, even when it’s quite uncomfortable. Especially, when it’s uncomfortable, unfamiliar and a bit frightening. And yes, sometimes I get blue.  It happens when I’m exhausted, overwhelmed and my mind goes into panic mode.  You know the mind chatter: What were you thinking?  You can’t do that – see, it’s not working. Are you crazy?  Maybe you’re just a total loser!


I don’t let anyone talk to me that way. Why do I let my mind be so disrespectful, degrading and harmful to my sense of wellness? It’s that ego!  Always trying to control and keep me down, keep me analyzing everything.  So what do I do?


Let it go!  Just look how well that phrase helped the movie industry. And it’s really all you need to do. Just breath, concentrate on the now and here. Immerse yourself in your senses:  what you smell, feel, see, hear, and taste.  We are human and we are here to experience our lives, not just live them robotically every day.


On one of my very overwhelming days, I laid on my bed with the window open above me.  I laid there feeling stressed, alone and totally exhausted.  Why was everything so hard?  Then the fresh breeze floated in through the window and I started concentrating on that. Breathing in. Breathing out. My thoughts changed.  I was breathing in the breath of god and letting go of all that I didn’t need. I was breathing in my life!  And I could feel the joy return.


That is just one instance of letting go and focusing on the moment. We all have those beautiful moments in our lives that touch our true selves and give us joy. 


The key to getting there is letting go and acknowledging your senses, as an observer does.  Don’t think, don’t analyze, and don’t get emotionally focused on a particular outcome. 


Don’t get emotionally focused, you ask.  Let me explain.  When you feel with all your emotions to have a certain outcome, those feelings are focused on the future.  When we focus on the future, we are thinking and trying to control (the ego, again) and often worry about the object of our focus.  It’s the present where we live.  It’s the present where the joy exists.  It’s the present where the magic happens.


Maybe this is all old news to you.  Or maybe you think it’s a bunch of…(well there’s no need to spell those words).  It is my bit of wisdom for the day.  It’s what helps me go forward and accomplish much.


I hope to see you around the next bend in the road.  I’ll have a smile on my face and a laugh ready to share, even if there’s a tear in my eye.  We can get through anything, if we set our minds on the present.


For those of you continuing on this journey with me, here’s an update. 

 Author Stant Litore, https://stantlitore.com/, and myself at Denver Comic Con, June 2018.


I went to Denver Comic Con, https://denvercomiccon.com/, last June with Laurel McHargue, leadvillelaurel.com/. OMG!  That was amazing.  I had never been to a comic con before.  I met wonderful people, amazing artists and fellow authors.  I was interviewed!  I realized I needed to get used to my own face. Do I really look like that?  Are you comfortable with your face?


Because of that awesome experience, I applied to the MileHiCon, http://milehicon.org, in Denver for this October 19th, 20th and 21st.  I was invited to be one of their 50 Authors on Authors Row.  Please come by and say “Hi”.  I’d love to meet you.


Next week, I’ll be at the Belu Olisa Holistic Fair September 15th and 16th at the Larimer County Fairgrounds, https://holistic-fairs.com/fall-fair/fall-fair-information.  Come get your book signed and check out all the interesting vendors.


 Ordained Minister workshop with Shannon and Marco, July 2018.



This summer, I also became an Ordained Minister and completed my Master certification for Angelic Reiki.  I love reiki! I love channeling healing energy!  I was able to complete my certification from the spiritual teacher, Shannon Ogg, that I took my original classes from years ago. That was an amazing blessing!




Shannon Ogg and Marco Oliver are a dynamic teaching duo.  Check them out on Facebook or on their website, https://www.cwsp4444.com/.  Listen to some of their videos.  Better yet, take a class with them. It’ll change your life.


For those of you who haven't had a chance to read Seeing with Your Eyes Closed - the reviews are in and they are great.  Check it out on Amazon.




Check out these links/books/websites to get into the zone, the good stuff.


Shannon and Marco’s website. Check them out on social media.  They just returned from an amazing trip to the mountains of Peru.  https://www.cwsp4444.com/


The new book by Genevieve Davis, Becoming Genevieve: An Extraordinary True Story of Believing in Magic.  https://www.becomingmagic.com/


Lee Harris has amazing insight of the energy moving throughout humanity. Check out his website at https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/.


If you want to understand more about those pesky retrogrades, try the Astro Twins at http://astrostyle.com/ or Susan Miller at https://www.astrologyzone.com/.


For those of you who might have read my book, Seeing with Your Eyes Closed, and want to learn more about energy vampires, (the do exist!), check out Dr. Christiane Northrup’s new book, Dodging Energy Vampires. https://www.drnorthrup.com/


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